“There’s no rehearsals, we go where we want to shoot the video and we just start recording.”

If you are not one of the thousands of people that have liked their page on Facebook , or have not watched one of their unrehearsed skits, then you are missing out on 514 Stay Post. The Comedian Phenoms make sure that every Monday, they upload their videos to Facebook so that their thousands of dedicated fans get to feel the funny. Stay tuned because this power group is about to blow.




514: Where are you from?

Stevo: Montreal.

514: Where are your parents from?

Stevo: Haiti.

514: How long have you guys known each other?

Stevo: We’ve known each other approximately 7 years now.

514: Who was the mastermind behind the idea of starting a group?

Stevo: It was Nzo’s idea actually. He did not start the brand, but it was his idea to start the concept of putting videos together, and then he took Widmarck with him, Kideff came in after, and I was the last one to join.

514: What made you guys believe that you would be seen as funny in these videos?

Stevo: Because we are funny in real life (Laughs). Some of us are kinda popular, so we just built a dream team.

514: Why did you guys decide to call yourself 514 Stay Post?

Stevo: Actually, Widmarck came up with that name. On every picture he # Stay Post, and when we started looking for a name for the group he was like let’s call it 514 Stay Post. I did not want that name at first but then it just stuck with us.

514: If you were able to do a skit with just one comedian who would it be?

Stevo: Dave Chappelle.

514: Who is the one person in the group that is always late for rehearsals?

Stevo: Actually that is me (Laughs), even though I try to be on time. I’m always late.

514: From your point of view who is the funniest person in the group?

Stevo: I would have to say me, but we’re all funny in different ways.

514: Who is the one that gets all the girls in the group?

Stevo: Pretty boy, Widmarck.

514: What is your favourite attribute in a woman?

Stevo: Her eyes.

514: Who is your female crush?

Stevo: Rihanna. She’s amazing, gorgeous. She’s just breathing that swag.

514: Where’s your favourite place to hang out in Montreal?

Stevo: At home. I like to hang with my friends. Sit and talk and have a lot of fun.

514: Besides comedy what are your interests in life?

Stevo: I would love to push Stay Post as a real business and make it international.

514: Who do you listen too musically?

Stevo: Right now Drake, Kendrick, J Cole, Kanye is crazy good.

514: In your eyes what’s the vision for 514 Stay Post in the future?

Stevo: I would love to make a movie something like the movie Dope. I love the way they filmed the movie and incorporated their message in it.

514: My final question to you is based on an article that we are writing this month and I want to know, ”Is being a minuteman a compliment to a woman?”

Stevo: (Laughs) Sometimes the first time you could be stressed, and bust a nut in 30 seconds. But the next thing you know, in the second round you could go three hours. So it’s a compliment, but if it happens often then you know you’ve got a problem. You had better start counting how many strokes you’ve got. If after two strokes you feel something, you better start thinking about something else, pause for a while, and then come back at it.


514: Where are you from?

Kideff: Montreal.

514: Where are your parents from?

Kideff: Haiti.

514: How did you guys establish such a large following and received so many likes on Facebook?

Kideff: I gotta shout out Widmarck, as he’s the one that pushes everyone to do their stuff, and he has like four thousand people on his Facebook. So he just messaged everybody, and told them to like our page and we we’re doing it every day.

514: From where do the creative ideas come to create new videos every week?

Kideff: Everyone does different things. For example, I go to Worldstar Hip Hop and check out Vine compilations, and ideas can come like that, and then I come up with my own concept.

514: Does everyone write their own scripts? Or do you have a writer for the videos?

Kideff: There is no script. We always start with writing one but we end up just throwing it away and just freestyling everything.

514: Who messes up the most while filming?

Kideff: Widmarck, because he’s always smiling and can’t keep a serious face.

514: How do you know what material to use to keep people interested in your videos?

Kideff: We never know for sure, but Nzo is always looking at what people watches online.

514: Where do you guys conduct rehearsals?

Kideff: There’s no rehearsals. We go where we want to shoot the video and we just start recording.

514: What makes your skits more unique than others?

Kideff: We do not make 7 second vines, and we don’t mind being ourselves.

514: Are they any fights between the members of the group?

Kideff: No fist fight, but at the beginning we would argue about the rules of the group.

514: Whom do you listen to musically?

Kideff: I am an ol’ school guy, so I listen to old Eminem and Lil Wayne.

514: Who is your favourite comedian?

Kideff: Kevin Hart and Rachid Badouri a Montreal comedian.

514: Who is your female crush?

Kideff: Meagan Good.

514: What’s your favourite attribute in a woman?

Kideff: I am a titties guy.

514: Another article that we are writing is “Do you feel that women cheat better than guys?

Kideff: Yes! Yes! Yes! because when women talk, they only talk to their girls, but when guys talk they talk to everyone.


514: Where are you from?

Widmark: Montreal.

514: Where are your parents from?

Widmark: Haiti.

514: How do you choose the location for your videos?

Widmark: We just visualize the direction of the video in our heads, and from there we choose the perfect location.

514: How often do you guys post new videos on your YouTube channel?

Widmark: Every week on Monday night.

514: Who does all the video editing?

Widmark: Nzo. That guy is the best.

514: Who is the person that is very obsessed with social media?

Widmark: (The whole group says “Widmarck” collectively).

514: How long have you guys been recording and uploading videos?

Widmark: About one year now.

514: Is there a lot of money in making videos?

Widmark: Yes and No. Right now we are investing most of our money in marketing.

514: In your eyes what is the goal for 514 Stay Post?

Widmark: Right now, there are a lot of goals. We are trying to make money with YouTube and grow our followers. We are looking at establishing different contracts and getting sponsorship. We’re just in the process of looking at different options.

514: Did you ever go to school for acting?

Widmark: No. It’s all freestyle.

514: Who is your female crush?

Widmark: I do not have one in specific, but I do like Beyonce.

514: What’s a perfect date for you with a woman?

Widmark: Bringing a girl to a nice restaurant.

514: Are you paying?

Widmark: Yes I am paying for everything. If I am inviting her then I am OK with paying. I would take her to a spa, and then finish it off at a nice hotel.

514: What’s your best attribute in a woman?

Widmark: The Booty and a flat stomach. She doesn’t have to have a 6 pack but she has to have a flat stomach.

514: Who is your favorite comedian?

Widmark: I do not have one.

514: Who do you listen to musically?

Widmark: I like R&B, but I listen to a lot of different music.

514: Another article that we are writing about is: After the first date, if a woman has sex with you would you still consider her to be “wifey material”?

Widmark: Uhhmmmm!, I don’t think I can make her wifey material. It’s the first date. It’s too easy, and I’m thinking maybe she’s doing it with other people.



514: Where are you from?

Nzo: I was born in Haiti.

514: Where are your parents from?

Nzo: Haiti.

514: How do you try to merge a French & English crowd in your videos?

Nzo: The thing is, French people in Montreal always mix English in their conversation. So we speak English in our videos and put French subtitles to mix it up, and our music is in English.

514: In your eyes what does the future hold professionally for 514 Stay Post?

Nzo: Long term, we will be able to manage ourselves with our own money, go to different countries and do different things.

514: Were there always four members in the group?

Nzo: Actually it started with me alone, I use to do my own videos, and then I got Widmarck to come in with me, and he got Kideff, and I got Stevo at the end.

514: Who is always busy on the Phone?

Nzo: (The whole group says “Kideff” collectively)

514: Do you like clubbing?

Nzo: No, not so much.

514: Who has the most swag in the group?

Nzo: It all depends. I think we all got swag but in our own way.

514: Who do you listen to musically?

Nzo: Recently I have been listening to Kevin Gates.

514: No one here listens to Kompa?

Nzo: Oh! yea. No doubt. We listen to Kompa.

514: Who is your favourite comedian?

Nzo: Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Stevo he’s the best.

514: What do you do when you’re not working on your skits?

Nzo: I work at the hospital. I record heart monitors, and distribute the clothes.

514: Who is your female crush?

Nzo: She’s an Instagram vixen Tory Brakes.

514: My final article topic is Why is it that a man can have multiple sex partners and be considered a player, but a woman with the same motives are considered to be promiscuous?

Nzo: I think with guys when they are considered to be players they like it. They are proud of it. Girls do not actually like players, but man made the term slut, so they’re not happy about it. It’s like calling a girl a Bitc*.They are not happy with it, but when another girl calls them a bad Bitc* they’re OK with it. It’s just weird.


Facebook: 514 Stay Post

Instagram: @514staypost

Photo Credit: @gcastrophotographe

Written By: Vlad Pierre

Edited By: Yvonne Sam


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