Some would say we’re lazy. Some say we feel entitled, or maybe even a little unfocused. Who are we you may ask?

Well these very unappealing titles have been attached to millennials for quite some time.

Millennials are people who are born ranging from the early 1980 to early 2000s, meaning that our technological proficiency blows any other generation off the charts.

The older generations relate the advantage to being lazy. Lazy is when you are not willing to put in the effort. Proficient is when you are getting all your work done at a faster pace which allows the millennials to get more work done at one time. So yes, maybe it seems like we’re not working, but really we’re doing work in ways that the older generations can’t relate to, so they call it lazy. Do I have your attention yet??? Good!

Education levels are at the highest than it’s ever been since 1987, meaning we are the most educated group in history, increasing our master degree percentage up to an astonishing 80%. We have the education to challenge any traditional work structure — meaning we no longer want to sit back, work for 15 to 20 years, hoping that this billion dollar Company notice the hard and rigorous work that the employee puts in, while being ask to accept the minimum!!

Coming home from a two week period, where you average 80 hours of work, just so your check could take all your bills out on a date and leave you home lonely!! No society! The millennials aren’t settling for minimal outputs!! We are ambitious and self-driven, tired of living paycheck to paycheck just because society doesn’t except change. Well we’re forcing it, doing everything in our power to create jobs, being more team- driven than individually, causing a business- like structure and environment that society confuses with being entitled.

Diversity!!! That’s a word that can’t easily be used in this day and age, and which for some great reason fits millennials more now than before. We are the most racially diverse group ever, with 43% of millennial adults from ages 18 to 34 being nonwhite. What that does is give millennials the ability to break ground on any level, and not have to worry about skin colour or ethnic backgrounds.

Anytime a society can have an equal playing ground, the results will always be more beneficial than not. What works for some, may not have worked for all.

But advancing in technology, being more independent as workers, and the level of education we possess as a group, gives the millennials a great shot at overcoming the odds.

Writing By: Loudgi Theophile

Edited By: Yvonne Sam

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