What is a “Wifey”? That terminology is used to describe a woman who is not actually your wife yet, but has potential of being your wife in the future, but is also your girlfriend in the meantime. A “Wifey” is a title, a standard that men hold their woman to. Now, regarding a woman becoming “Wifey” on the first date after sex, in my opinion, is not considered a “Wifey”.

If two people have sex on the first date, it is usually because both sexes are attracted to each other physically. How does sex happen after the first date? Obviously after spending time together during the date, you develop chemistry and attraction, which then leads the man or the woman taking the “date” indoors where they can have privacy. With the doors closed, anything can happen.

Sex on the first date does not establish a “Wifey”.

What establishes a “Wifey” is chemistry, feelings and trust. A “Wifey” is a woman that a man cares a lot about and that is more than just your girl. A “Wifey” is different than a girlfriend. A “Wifey” is a real lady that is your favorite, and who stands out and is different from the other women that have passed through your life. A “Wifey” has spousal attributes and is irreplaceable.


Now, I am not saying that it is not possible for a woman to become a man’s “Wifey” after sex on the first date, but with regards to the definition of a REAL “Wifey”, sex does not establish that. Furthurmore, men can describe women in four types of ways which are
1. Wifey.
2. Boo,
3. Bitc*es
and last but not least
4 H*’s.

Therefore, with that being said, in my opinion, sex does not make a woman “Wifey” on the first date, but rather makes her a “Boo”, who is by definition a woman who is replaceable and THINKS she is wifey because she got a little taste of how a wifey would be treated but then would be replaced by either another “Boo” or if that man matures and decides to turn the “Boo” into an official “Wifey”.


Any woman reading this, who has ever landed a serious relationship after exactly that, will agree that it can be done. However, that number is scarce.

Some say a woman can become wifey in any case scenario, if she’s wifey material to begin with. But not too many women are given the chance to become wifey, once they have been treated as one-night-stands. So many women get a bad rap for giving in to sexual urges too quickly, but does that mean they’re all loose? Could it be possible for two people to be on the perfect date that never ends?

Unfortunately, those numbers are pathetically low. Not many men choose to stay with the girl who lets them, ‘hit’ after the first date.

Of course, if both parties have been talking for some time, dedicating themselves to getting to know each other via social media, text or hours of phone conversation, the female is completely within the realms of being potential “wifey material” especially if that goes on for weeks before the actual first date happens.

Though, the question is: If she meets him in an unforeseen circumstance and the opportunity to have sex presents itself, and they seize it, can a guy be so ‘lucky’ to land Mrs. Right from that night-on?

Does he consider himself to be lucky at all? Or does he assume the position of someone who was so unlucky to land an easy girl on the first try?


If monogamy and promiscuity become cause for concern after steamy date number one, it’s only fair that both parties give each other the same respect and trust, that it was not a question of ‘easy’, as much as it was a beautiful result of trust. Perception seems to be the real answer.

Many of the women we have spoken to, said that in the case that they’ve chosen to go all the way on the first date, it had come down to trust.

Of course it is true that a lot of guys, who get the cookie on the first date, don’t go back for seconds or even call back. That’s the risk every woman knows she’s taking when she chooses to be so sexually confident or vulnerable so soon. A loyal man of more depth and respect will see that first date as a definite success.

I say, if you’re going to sit at the high-roller’s table, you had better have a killer hand, as the stakes are high when you’re playing for keeps. They are even higher if you’re playing for a hand in marriage and you’re putting up your drawers on your first bet.

Writing By: Sunny Sattar and Natasha Marie

Edited By: Yvonne Sam


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