“A year ago I was getting 5000 views. Today in 24 hours I can give a product 75,000 views”.

They say you shouldn’t believe it until you see it, and if you need proof, David Hener captures it all with Snapchat. From hosting the craziest parties Quebec has ever seen, to always being surrounded by beautiful women on the set of porn shoots —- one thing’s for sure, David Hener is living his life as a rock star. If you’re looking for an exclusive up close and personal view of high quality entertainment, start following the king of Snapchat of Quebec.

514: Where are you from?

DH: I’m from Drummondville, Québec–home of the Poutine. I lived there until I was 11, and from there I moved to the South Shore.

514: Where are your parents from?

DH: They’re from Drummondville, Québec also.

514: So French is your first language?

DH: Yes. I learned English in high school, and also when I started playing music.

514: What genre of music were you playing?

DH: Rock N’ Roll with a band named The Bators.

514: Did you ever play at any shows?

DH: I used to be on My Space a lot talking to different bands, and I booked shows in Chicago. I also used to go to Chicago for a girl that I met over there through MySpace, and she moved from Chicago to be with me in Montreal. That’s how I moved out of my parents place. I was 18 when I met her, she moved here on my 19th birthday, and then we started living together in Montreal.

514: How long did that relationship last?

DH: We were together for two years struggling because I was really poor. It was really hard times. I come from a really good family, but when I moved out I dropped out of school and my parents didn’t want to help me anymore.

514: You said you dropped out of school, do you mean high school?

DH: No. I was doing Communications at CEGEP Du Vieux Montreal. I was there for two years and I only had one class left, and that was French 3. That was the only thing that I failed.

514: What was your role with the band?

DH: I was the guitarist and the singer. I was the front man of the band.

514: Did the venture with the band last a long time?

DH: It didn’t last for a long time because two of the band members weren’t serious. So that’s when I and the guitar player decided to start something bigger, and that’s when I started the Cheap Thrills.

514: What is the Cheap Thrills?

DH: That’s the rock ‘n roll band that I’ve been touring with. I’ve played at the Olympic Stadium with the Cheap Thrills, and there are many, many music videos on YouTube.

514: You also started a website called Lestupidshow.com where did this concept come from?

DH: Yeah! that was huge. It was pranks, funny videos, and we got millions of views.

514: What was one of your most viral videos?

DH: We did a prank on a street where we rang everybody’s doorbell and everybody started running and that was the video that went viral. We got arrested by six cop cars and that video got me famous on the Internet when I was 16.

514: You started a website called Lebums.com can you explain what that was about?

DH: In French, it sort of means bad boys. The first time that our website went online, we were already on TV because it got shared so many times. A month later we get an E-mail from MusiquePlus saying “we have something for you”, two months later I was on MusiquePlus with Mike Ward a popular Quebecois stand-up comedian.

514: What were you doing on MusiquePlus with Mike Ward?

DH: I would host a show with him and show off my pranks, and every week we would have to produce one skit.

514: At that point did you decide to give up on Rock and Roll?

DH: I realized that what I did best was to get people together, and I was really good with PR. So I got my boys back together, and we all got a place together and we called it the fun house. If you think a trap house is something, this was the craziest rock ‘n roll house that you’ll ever see. Not a single window or door was smashed. We would host parties with 300 people in there.

514: How did you get the people to come to your house?

DH: Every time I would play a rock ‘n roll show, I would grab the mic and tell people that after the show the after party is at the Fun House. People were always saying that David Hener hosts the craziest parties. You go to his place and he’ll take good care of you. There’s hot ladies, there’s porn stars, there’s drugs, and people loved that sh*t. And that’s when I got my name mostly in the rock ‘n roll scene.

514: How did you get so big with Snapchat?

DH: I wanted to make a change and I realized that social media was a good thing. So I thought to myself what can I do to make people talk, and Snapchat came in.

514: So you started creating your own reality television 24/7?

DH: Exactly. I wanted to feed the crowd what I wanted by being a little naughty and dirty. I can have girls naked if I feel like it, I can film my guys puking at parties, and I knew people could see things that I was seeing on a daily basis and they would love that sh*t. That was the biggest move that I’ve ever done in my life.

514: How many views are you getting on your Snapchat?

DH: A year ago I was getting 5000 views. Today in 24 hours I can give a product 75,000 views. And it’s pretty powerful if you think about it.

514: On Valentine’s Day you took over PornHub Snapchat account. How did that even come about?

DH: That was the second time I took over PornHub Snapchat account. I had worked with them a month before, and I wanted to do a bigger take over. So the second time, I hit them up and told them that I had an idea that we would do it on Valentine’s Day. And I just partied with 15 girls, having the craziest time of my life.

514: Do you shoot porn with PornHub?

DH: No. I don’t do any porn. I mostly do the social media. PornHub brings me a lot of visibility and exposure like crazy, and I bring them good content.

514: What can people expect from David Hener Premium Account

DH: That’s something that I launched on Valentine’s Day, with a way to monetize my name. I have some porn stars take over, some of my private parties, and you also see some porn shootings live on the set. So that will be interested for any porn fans.

514: On your Instagram you said you broke your record with a 56-year-old MILF. Did you have the time of your life?

DH: When I go to Vegas I usually use my Tinder. And the thing about cougars, you know if they’re on Tinder they’re not looking for boyfriends, they’re trying to have fun. She was really hot, with big tits and blonde hair.

514: Is it hard for you to be in a relationship as a public figure?

DH: It’s really hard to be in a relationship, but I have many different types of relationships.

514: What’s the Best and Finest Tour about?

DH: The new tour we have coming up is going to be our biggest tour ever, and it’s going to be a competition between all the little cities and we’re going to crown the best party city.

514: What’s your affiliation with Bello cigars?

DH: Max the owner of KRWN called me and told me that he wanted me to be involved with the cigars. There a Cuban owned company that’s been around for about 100 years, and they’re based in Miami.

514: Have any celebrities tried to get involved with Bello cigars?

DH: Rick Ross got involved after he heard about the product.

514: Do you think you’re more known for Snapchat? Or do you think you’re more known for the porn?

DH: I think Snapchat but it all connects and goes together.

514: Any final words?

DH: Look out for the Best and Finest Tour because it’s going to be really good, and hopefully we’re gonna be all across the province.

Instagram: @david_hener

Snapchat: david_hener

Writing by: Vlad Pierre

Edited by: Yvonne Sam