We’ve all heard of the “minute man” and if you haven’t then let me school you a little.

The minute man is the man that…well for better wording…ejaculates rather quickly during sexual intercourse; not necessarily in 60 seconds but… you catch my drift.

Men are told not to be him and women are told not to be with him.Is being a minuteman a compliment to woman

But ladies is it such a bad thing to finish the act before the fact?

You sleep with a man, and he finishes in 3 minutes tops (and yes it does happen). the explanation is to be found among one of 3 reasons.:

You either have a bomb ass kitty, he has not been to town in a while or unfortunately he just has bad stamina, and is not up to the task.

Fact is, or the truth be told, when it happens as women we automatically resort to the stereotypical explanationBad Stamina.

Before passing judgment please know this, Safe Sex is the best option. Whomsoever, came up with this saying “it feels the same with or without a condom” LIED.

Unprotected sex (for men mostly) DOES feel different, some even argue it feels better. So maybe just maybe he ejaculated for that exact reason. So before we say he was a Bad Lay, why don’t we take that experience as a compliment? Our kitty is that powerful? No?

Now if he used a condom and he still finished in minutes… Yeah! That is clearly a reason for questioning. Sorry, but guys can’t help you there.

When you sleep with him for the first time and it happens, you’ll never really know what caused it. Perhaps, it has been a long time since he’s been with a woman… if it happens every time… #RedFlag. That being said, so what if he’s a minute man?

Think positive pat yourself on the back girl cause you must have that good stuff!

P.S Guys,you’re welcome.

Written By: LeTia TV

Edited By: Yvonne Sam



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