There’s a common thread among local artistes in the city: The love is scarce.

How can so many awesome artistes, come from the same place, and not be familiar with each other’s craft? Are they hermits hibernating past winter? People living in their bubbles? Not getting out enough and getting involved in the local scene? People have little faith that anything good could come out of the city? People afraid to get behind something that might fail? Is everyone their own biggest fan, and couldn’t really care less about the artistry of the other? Is love that is given, not equally reciprocal?

Or is it what many have been saying it is, “fear of supporting another’s success will take away from their own”

Whatever it is, the city has to come to one understanding: Promotion, and cross-promotion is the best way to build business relationships; which also totals to ‘showing support‘.

If you are constantly on the lookout for what’s next, and you show interest in working with the hottest and newest, that only does good for you and your brand.

The city needs to get out of its feelings for not wanting to see one come up faster than the other, and learn to see their city as a landfill of uncovered diamonds.

Instead of getting behind something or someone after they get “shine” outside of the city. Why not take pride in being able to say you had something to do with its coming into success?

 I’m just saying.

Written By: Natasha Marie

Edited By: Yvonne Sam


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