It’s common knowledge that men are attracted to women who seem like they know what they’re doing, and women like men who know their way around… well, the female anatomy.

No argument here.

In fact, everything is fun and flirty until up pops the question.

“What’s your number?”

What number?”

“You know?- How many people have you slept with?”

‘Are the lines formerly used to separate sexual behavior in men and women, finally becoming blurred?

Most men experience no problem bragging about their number being anywhere around twenty-plus, but when the role is reversed, they want little or nothing to do with a girl whose number is close-to, or higher than theirs.

So why is it, that our society seems more accepting of men who have casual sex than they are of women who have casual sex?

Will we ever get rid of the stigma, that a girl with experience is ‘slutty’ or ‘easy’ next to a girl who’s not so knowledgeable; who has only had a few partners?

Some of us have no problem giving in to our animalistic urges and find no need to justify our sexual behavior, while others feel quite the opposite. Concerns of tarnished reputation, negative judgment and condemnation are always raised when speaking about women who have a large sexual appetite.

As much as some may argue that it’s all perspective, its apparent that society still holds some standards close- especially if the topic becomes a question of personal or social morals. Although, to many, the borders of what is acceptable on the matter and what isn’t, will always be relative and eventually come down to a matter of personal choice.

In the name of equality and social acceptance, I think it’s important for us to ask—

Does the value of a woman increase or decrease according to the number of sexual partners she has had?

Seeing as women have been seeking power in ways like never before, Is it safe to say that it was just a matter of time before they would seek power in the sexual realms as well?

If the answer is yes, what will that mean for men who have to live with that reality? Is it time to swallow the bitter pill and accept that they’re not the only ones entitled to a large number, or are all women labeled as promiscuous, going to be left for last pickings if they don’t start slowing down?

Hopefully, the next time we find someone to settle down with, we won’t care for the number and let the topic die for the sake of putting love, trust and happiness first.

After all, once they’ve chosen us to be their last, do the ones (or dozens) who’ve come before even matter anymore?

Written By: Natasha Marie

Edited By: Yvonne Sam



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