We have all heard of the 80/20 rule. This is the notion, where it is stated that in a relationship you will only receive 80% of what you want from your partner. The remaining 20% is all the qualities or desires that you want out of your partner but you will not receive. This is usually how side chicks are born.

Women all have a perception of what the side chick might be like. More spontaneous, prettier, or so sexy that she would make a gay man reconsider. The other woman, who seems to be always prowling when you are not around. The side chick is a woman with whom a man usually feels comfortable, and who can also offer as many benefits as the main chick can offer namely– sex, conversation, stimulation, and most importantly convenience. The side chick knows how to play her role. She usually supplies what you are missing at home and usually reaps the benefits of not having to handle any of the baggage like dealing with the kids, paying the bills, or having to deal with your friends and the in-laws.

Men do not cheat for emotional attachment;

When a man cheat on his woman it is not because he does not love her or no longer finds her attractive instead it is mainly for physical satisfaction. He still loves his main chick, but he is just sexually attracted to another. Even after having sex with the side chick, the first thing that pops in his mind is his main chick. That is why Men are usually not desirous of leaving their main chick because the emotional attachment still remains with her.

His testosterone levels are too high;

Men usually have to cope with women every month as she navigates her menstrual cycle, but women do not appear to try to understand male hormones and their effects. Testosterone is the chemical agent, chiefly responsible for sex drive and muscle growth in men. Men who have high levels of testosterone have higher sex drives. The amount of testosterone a man possesses is bestowed upon him by Nature when he is nothing more than a mere cell in his mother’s womb. Blame it on biology.

Does that mean men can blame their testosterone levels or their evident lack of resistance towards supplementary physical satisfaction as the reason for having a side chick. ABSOLUTELY NOT!. Although very easily influenced, men are still held responsible for deciding whether or not to act upon their impulses and urges. Just because you have a gun in your hand does not mean you have to pull the trigger.

Writing By: Keyon’dre Drummond

Edited By: Yvonne Sam


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