“I’ve been freestyling everything for the past two years”

From headlining their first Montreal show at Le Belmont , to opening up for Danny Brown at The Jazz Festival , this year Nate Husser   and The Posterz are on a different wave length. Expectations are high, but the Montrealer who represents Little Burgundy  to the core feels no pressure, as he’s confident especially with his first solo project coming out. With his first single “Name another Ni**a”, and with the support of the city behind him, it’s time to put Montreal on the music map.

514: Where are your parents from?

NH: My mom grew up in uptown, my dad grew up in England and he stayed here for a bit but then he got sent back to England so he lives there now.

514: How old where you when your father left?

NH: I was three.

514: Why did your father decide to leave?

NH: He got deported for illegal activities.

_b9a0010-4514: How did the absence of your father affect you growing up?

NH: Actually, I was just talking to him about that yesterday. Weird thing is, maybe if he was here I probably wouldn’t even be a rapper.

514: Growing up in Little Burgundy, did you and your family have to struggle?

NH: For sure! For sure!. Just the regular Fuc*ing struggle, hood life struggle pretty much. First it was just me and her (mother) for a while, then I got a step dad and two little sister.

514: Were you considered to be a troubled kid?

NH: Trouble nah! Sometimes like 50/50, but I wouldn’t be getting caught for all my troubles. So I was just Low key with it.

514: What’s the hardest obstacle you had to endure in life?

NH: I guess just being broke, that’s it.

_b9a0018-8514: At what point in your life did you say “I’m all in” with the rap game?

NH: From the time I started at like 17. I started playing basketball, I was all in with basketball then I just stopped and switched to music.

514: What made you transition from playing basketball to becoming a rapper?

NH: I was playing basketball all day, everyday. I was on three teams at the same time. It got really annoying because I had to be up at like five in the morning up until ten in the night. I was just balling, balling, and balling and I just wanted some freedom. I had scholarship offers and all, but I couldn’t take that anymore being up and my knees were weak too, I was getting knee injuries.

514: Looking back at it now in hindsight, do you ever regret walking away from basketball?

NH: Nah!. Because Low key I plan on going to the NBA too like Master P.

514: Explain your creativity process to creating a song?

NH: There’s a bunch of different ways. I could be walking in the street whistling some sh*t and then I’ll have a melody for a beat, come home and make a beat and make a song in a few hours. Or my producer Joe would have a track map out and he just need the verses and then me and my boy Kris will come in and drop the verses.

514: Do you do a lot of writing?

NH: Not these days. I’ve been free styling everything for the past two years.

514: What gave you the confidence to start free styling and just go in the booth with no preparation?

_b9a0007-2NH: Sometimes for me it feels like the ideas were coming too fast in my head to start writing. You get the best sh*t when you just spit it out.

514: What’s more important when creating a song, Is it the content, the beat, or the chorus?

NH: Everything. Nothing is more important than the other.

514: Now your coming out on a solo venture, with the success of the group why now?

NH: As a group I have my 1/3 of the work. My voice and a little bit of ideas for the beats here and there. But over time I was developing my own sound. Like finally now it’s ready, I could have dropped stuff out before but I don’t think it would of been up to par and the level that I want it to be.

514: On your track “Name another Ni**a” , you said “A ni**a try to diss on my mom, so I took his head and slam it between two desks” is that a true story?

NH: (LOL) Yeah that’s some of the bad kid parts. That happened in third grade.

514: You freestyled that whole track also?

NH: Yeah, for sure. And that was produced by the Ragers the ones who had the mask on in the video.

514: How difficult was it to direct a video in the streets on push carts while cars were driving on the road behind you?

NH: It wasn’t a busy day.

514: The Posterz headlined their first show in Montreal at Le Belmont , is the experience different performing at home than it is on the road?

NH: Yea, because there’s a lot of people that you know in the crowd. That’s kind of only the difference. I usually point out people that I know.

514: When do you know the moment that you’re going to jump in the crowd and do the surfing?

NH: (Laughs). I kind of want to do it every show, but I don’t know if I’m going to do it every show. Usually, I look for a strong looking crowd of people, and then I point at them. If they don’t look strong enough, like at the The Jazz Festival  they were a little spread apart and it didn’t look like there was a lot of people that can hold me up, so that’s when I just started to mosh pit with them.

514: How did you get the invitation to perform at the The Jazz Festival?

NH: We already performed there as a group, and apparently we were black listed from the The Jazz Festival for throwing water in the crowd and they (The Organizers) were mad trying to stop the show.

514: Are you starting to experience the groupie love?

NH: Yeah for sure.

514: What’s more important the money or the fame?_b9a0022-10

NH: Both. They could both generate each other at the same time.

514: If you weren’t pursuing your rap career what do you think you would you be doing?

NH: Probably playing basketball, or robbing Brinks trucks (laughs).  Doing big stuff.

514: Are you an independent Artist or are you signed to a label?

NH: As a solo artist I have a label that I’m working with, I’m not officially signed. It’s more of a mutual respect. And as a group we’re not signed either.

514: Is the label funding your music visuals?

NH: Yeah, and PR and sh*t like that.

514: Where do you find your Directors for the music visuals?

NH: Some of them we meet along the way, some of them holla at us, some of them are friends._b9a0060-16

514: Are you starting to get involved with merchandise now that you have the Tiger Blood T-shirts?

NH: The Tiger Blood name I just took from Charlie Sheen . Tiger is my spirit animal, even though there’s no tigers in the jungle in Africa technically, I feel like it’s the king of the jungle.

514: Who do you listen to musically?

NH: Just random stuff, I don’t try to listen to albums. But I listen to Chief Keef, just mostly hardcore trap sh*t.

514: What about the African tribe vibe, why did you guys incorporate that in your music?

NH: That was just for the concept for the album Junga, coming from the concrete jungle so we incorporate that.

514: What is it about you that makes people want to follow and support your movement?

NH: I think it’s because we try to keep it all original sh*t and being us.

514: Top 5 rappers dead or alive?

NH: Not in any order but EminemLil Wayne50 Cent, Jay ZTupac.

514: What’s the first App you open in the morning?

NH: My E-Mail

514: Your favourite chilling spot in the city?

NH: The hood straight up.

514: One event you cant miss every year?

NH: Sometimes I miss it and I get mad at myself. I like to catch Labor Day on the Parkway in New York ._b9a0050-14

514: Who’s your female celebrity crush?

NH: It re sparked when I saw that grey legging picture of Halle Berry .

514: Last question is based on an article that we’re writing this month. When referring to the double standard, Why is that men can have multiple women and be considered players while women with the same motives are considered to be promiscuous ?

In my opinion, it’s hard to give an answer to that. I think it starts from where a girl is trying to portray herself as. No one cares if a girl is being a ho and she’s saying she’s a ho. But it’s when you’re acting like you’re not, and you are, and I think that’s where the whole debate and people start being judgmental.

Facebook:  Nate Husser

Instagram: @heartlessfknhuss

Photo Credit:@gcastrophotographe

Written By: Vlad Pierre

Edited By: Yvonne Sam


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