In 2016, the temperature to most conversations and topics was the notorious double standard between man and woman. In this article I would like to narrow in specifically on promiscuity. First allow me to engage you in a little brainstorming. The term promiscuity in itself, which in modern day vernacular has a demeaning undertone, simply implies that there are two different ways (double) to identify or measure something (standard). Along with the basics that we all as humans share, what are the obvious differences anyway between men and women? In my humble opinion not much, the needs are synonymous but the manifestation is different and often opposite.
Let us take a close look the sexual organs themselves— the masculine on the outside and the feminine within. Contemporary society’s rebuttal often disconnects our natural innate ability to makes sense of its own “introspection”. However, if your answer can only fulfill itself, when factors of the comprehensible whole are somewhat ignored , then according to my book it probably is not the correct answer. A good friend once shared an insightful realization with me that might resonate with you the reader “… during sex men see the act the entire time as it is taking place, however women cannot [unless they use a tool]… What are they looking at? Nothing they are mostly feeling and thinking during the process…” So when men generally think about sex they remember what they have seen and women what they have felt.
Furthermore, when speaking about promiscuity the roles are markedly different,— men get praised for what they do and women demeaned for what is being done to them. Before attempting to shoot the messenger, permit me to explain with an analogy. Which of the following two carries more merit? —- Making a million dollars selling gold below the market value or a product which you have never heard about previously.
Sexually fast women are the undervalued gold. Naturally I already want it and you are just giving it to me with the minimum of effort. That’s the context women, as you present yourselves– naturally skinny, fat, pretty or ugly there is always someone who wants to have sex with you.
Men as they stand have to compensate with a charismatic or strong personality, social status or some sort of skill. It is not frowned upon because women are seen as being beneath us, although it is actually the opposite. You stand above us with a responsibility that is almost divine. Do not try to be praised for offering free bread in a city filled with gluttons. Remember that Boys will always be boys. Ladies stay golden.

Writing By: Khamani W. Loving