Quote: “Designers like Gucci, Louis Vuitton is doing something that looks like something else. They’re following Kanye West right now and it should be the other way around”.

If you’re not following Paul on social media, it’s because you can’t keep up. The Haitian native who’s always on the go is speaking volumes and making a statement through fashion. The young fashionista is always sharp and coordinated, it’s clear that the stylist sees fashion through gifted eyes. Dubbed as your best secret weapon, It’s time to discuss these secrets about fashion, trends, and where to shop for the bargains. #Pow Ha

514: How long have you been in Montreal?

SP: Since 2007

514:What is one thing that most people do not know about you?

SP: (Laughs).That I’m a woman. Some people think that I’m just a 12 years old boy. And I’m like come on now you can’t give me one more year so that I can at least be a teen.

514:Do you disclose with your clients that you are not actually a man and that you are a woman?

SP: It hasn’t happen yet, some of my clients till this day don’t know that I’m actually a woman, but little by little I’m leaving hints. Like for my birthday I posted my baby picture of me in a dress.

514: Why do you always write #Pow Ha on all your pictures on social media ?

SP: It became a habit. I don’t know why but I use to always say Pow. It’s like the comic books whenever something has an effect at the end there’s always a Pow. So I feel like whatever I say has its own effect, and the Ha is because I’m always laughing.

_b9a0051-8514: What made you want to start styling other people?

SP: It’s really my friends that encouraged me, because I’ve always been about fashion but just for myself. But last year people were telling me that they like how I put my clothes together, so I was like OK, let me dress you up. After that I decided to launch a Company and now it’s really building, and I have a couple of big people trying to contact me.

514: Did you attend any fashion institutes?

SP: Not at all. But right now I’m thinking about it because where I’m trying to take it really further than just Montreal, and I know you have to have some sort of education behind it. I’m starting to think about doing designing also because I have the idea but I can’t draw it right now.

514: How do you stay up to date on the current fashion?

SP: I’m constantly on Facebook and Instagram, and. I follow a lot of people who inspire me. I also pay attention to the different colour tones of the season.

514: Do you follow the trends or do you consider yourself to be a trendsetter?

SP: I consider myself a trendsetter, I don’t know if you’ve seen my posts but I definitely done a lot of things and now I’m seeing GQ covers are doing it.

514: Are you saying that there following you?

SP: I don’t know, but my page is open to the public and somebody must be doing some work. Because for you to be a creative you cannot just be an innovator, you have to get an idea from somewhere to know where you’re going.

514: It seems like your specialty is suits, is that the lane you’re trying to go down?

SP: I don’t know, I’m just overwhelmed with what’s going on right now and the love and support that I’m getting that I just want to focus on what I’m doing right now. And right now this is working for me.

514: How do you charge your clients is it per hour or do you create a custom package?

SP: For now I’m charging per hour, but also I do charge per day because we have to go certain places and I don’t want you to go out of pocket.

514: Where do you usually go for your outfits?

SP: For me per se I go to Zara and H&M because I’m really small, other than that I go to Chabanel and clients love it because of the prices. A complete suit you can find for $129.00.

_b9a0062-10514: Do you usually make a commission at the stores you bring your clients to?

SP: Only at one store in Chabanel.

514: Who is a celebrity that you can appreciate their designing taste?

SP: I have a few, I respect Dwayne Wade a lot I like the way he dresses, Victor Cruz, and I love Chris Brown.

514: Is it hard to get clients?

SP: For now it’s not that hard, they come to me. And I’m reaching out to a lot of people and they are giving me referrals.

514: How do you deal with clients that hate shopping and trying on clothes?

SP: Oh! it’s easy, because I shop ahead of time for them.

514: What has been the biggest sacrifice that you have made to get to this point in your career?

SP: Financial wise, it’s been hard I quit my job, I lost my car, I lost my apartment, but I tried to make it work and attend networking events. Because I know that I am going to make it.

514: What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?

SP: The day I launched my website. The love that I get from social media from people telling me that I’m the best at what I do, and the day Jean Pascal right hand man inbox me and I worked with them.

_b9a0007-1514: How do you feel about the way young girls dress these days?

SP: I feel like it’s the image that is portrayed to them. They’re doing what they see on TV. So it’s not necessarily the little girls we have to worry about, it’s the people on top like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna. These are the people I think that should set a standard and the little girls will follow after that.

514: What trends are starting to annoy you right now?

SP: The Young Thug era, and even the Kanye West line that looks like Zombie land with the rip clothes. Everything is going downhill right now, even the big designers like Gucci, Louis Vuitton is doing something that looks like something else. They’re following Kanye West right now and it should be the other way around.

514: What Era had the best fashion to you?

SP: I like the 70’s, even though I wasn’t born in that era I like the high tops and the bell bottoms I would rock something like that.

514: What’s the first App you open in the morning?

SP: Instagram, especially when I learned that Instagram can give you money for having a certain amount of followers.

514: What’s the one event you can’t miss in Montreal every year?

SP: Networking Events.

514: Who do you listen to musically?

SP: I love Country music because of the stories that they tell, I listen to pop, One Direction, Sam Smith, Adele.

514: Who is your celebrity female crush?

SP: I like Mila Kunis because she’s funny and cute.

514: What’s your favourite attribute in a woman?

SP: She has to be funny, and family oriented.

_b9a0057-9514: What do you do when you are not pursuing fashion?

SP: Chilling with friends

514: If you were not doing fashion what would you be doing?

SP: I would be in the Army, when I was in New Jersey in school I was in (ROTC) The Reserved Officers’ Training Corps. I would be a Physical Therapist in the Army .

514: One of our articles that we are writing is: Do women cheat better than Men?

SP: I think they do, because a lot of things they do they don’t think its cheating. Because they think that all guys are their friends. And even the conversations that they have with men is cheating. But woman get away with a lot of things they don’t consider cheating.

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Written By: Vlad Pierre

Edited By: Yvonne Sam


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