Most people work in establishments because of monetary constraints, and doing work that you are not passionate about or even care for is one of the most mentally and physically draining experiences.

Usually you don’t get a fair deal, you work for a big Company, you clock in long hours and exert all your energy for a small piece of the pie. After eating that small piece of the pie, you are left still hungry as if you never tasted it. It’s time to get up, put yourself in drive and make a lane for yourself.

The hardest part of being on the road of financial freedom is that there is no guarantee and you are scared of failure.

Being scare will make you content with your steady weekly or bi weekly paying jobs because the Company guarantees to pay you a small currency for your services, but you have to know your worth, and realize that the real currency is TIME.

They say that time is money, so don’t let it pass you by looking at you through the rear view. Use the energy you put into the establishment you work for, and find that niche you are good at. Once you put your effort and time into it you will go above and beyond your call of duty, it will essentially drive you to do extra work to benefit yourself. No obstacle will stop you from achieving success besides yourself.

While many people believe that they must work hard in there establishments to reap and enjoy the fruits of there hard labor after they retire, what’s the point of enjoying yourself in your later years when your labor took up most of your life with little fruits to show for?