Hellllll! Yes! the women are. I think even the men would agree with me on this one. Women are like cats, we cover our tracks, men are like dogs, sloppy. The thing with men is that they always leave tell tale signs. Acts of stupidity like taking phone calls in the washroom, is your phone Charmin ultra soft? Are you wiping your rear with it? Whereas ladies would simply leave their phone behind, and put it on flight mode real quick.

Women think ahead, lie with a little bit of truth in order to easily remember the lie later, sexy savages. Men are naturally careless, lies on top of lies and forget them all by tomorrow. Women would see the booty call on her lunch break, men are greedy and sexually ridiculous, they want it, lunch, dinner and midnight snack. The worst mistake that all men make, is bringing the side chick to the place where they rest their head with their wife/main woman. REALLY? Women take their quickies in the office and are quite content.

I don’t know if it’s the thrill of getting caught that men like, or if they are just plain dumb, merely because they often cheat with women close by, either a family friend, female best friend, co-worker, friend of the girlfriend, family member of the girlfriend etc. With these type of women, the odds are forever stacked against them. It’s cool, keep on doing it! It gives us women a better chance to catch your dumb asses. Sometimes, if we are lucky, the girl might be a random with a mutual friend thereby giving us the upper hand. Men just put their selves in obvious positions to get caught.

Women are a little keen with their selections on who to smash, a – boyfriend, an old friend, a friend of a friend, an out of town fling or even the plumber or pool boy. LOL Ever so often you’d see her cheating with her partners best friend or brother? Even in that situation, the female poker face is still nothing less than impressive.
This article is NOT to say all men cheat, trust no man or that all women, cheat these hoes ain’t loyal, but for the ones who do cheat or have cheated, between men and women…Women do it better hands down.

Written By: Letia TV

Edited By: Yvonne Sam



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